Support to the “Happy Children” Project

The Geneva Branch of the Ukrainian Society in Switzerland has supported the educational project “Happy Children” in a business school in Ukraine. The Geneva Branch provided financial assistance in the amount of CHF 200.
Currently, the school teachers are developing online vocational training programs that children from anywhere in the world can follow. Due to their financial situation and high overload of work, teachers conduct physical training sessions and master classes on vocational education.
Distance learning will allow children from boarding schools, ATO areas and remote villages to participate in the program.
As part of the school’s work, the coach Viktoria Kachan conducted classes on personal development and financial training in a number of libraries and schools in Kyiv.
For teens of higher age, the knowledge acquired becomes of paramount importance. Schoolchildren are trained in family budgeting techniques and entrepreneurial development.
This sort of non-violent training proves to be of particular value in today’s world, prone to conflict and wars. Children have successfully learnt a number of disciplines about business planning and Finance, such as:
• budgeting birthday celebrations;
• planning for cost-efficient and creative holidays;
• making savings when purchasing goods.
After the training, teenagers can help their parents to save money by putting in practice simple daily exercises.

Image 1. Practical classes with eleventh-grade students (high school building 136, Kiev). The students are perceived nearly as adults.

Image 2. Master class “Family Finance” at Usenka’s children library (Kiev).