Round table in Bern

Five representatives of Geneva Branch of Swiss Ukrainian Society were honored to participate in the first Round Table on Ukraine run by Andrey Lushnytsky, President of the Swiss Ukrainian Society. The meeting took place in the Federal Palace (Houses of Parliament) in Bern on March 9th, 2017. Fantastic panel members included: Iryna Beleshkina, Kateryna Boguslavska, Olexiy Haran, Christa Markwalder, Nataliya Popovych and Oleksii Sydorchuk who informed the policy makers, MPs Civil Society representatives, journalists, academics and students, etc. on the state of reforms and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Partners included the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, the Swiss-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship group, the Interfaculty Institute of Central and Eastern Europe of the University of Fribourg, the Fondation Vidrodgenia, the Ukrainian Embassy in Switzerland and the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland. This is a worthy event to repeat and we are planning to do so annually! Merci, thank you, Дякую, Danke to all who participated.