Report on money collected during December celebrations

Dear friends,

Allow me to inform you that during the celebration of St Nikolay’s Day on 19 December 2016 and during the New Year literature evening of Oles Ilchenko at the Ukrainian Mission on 23 of December 2016, we managed to gather 230 Swiss Fr. This amount allowed to buy sweets, toys and some cloths to 109 children-orphans with physical and mental disabilities, who are based in the Shevchenko boarding school in Kharkivska oblast in Ukraine. Volunteer Yulia supported us un Ukraine and did all organizational work to make it happen.  Below you can see the words of “Thank You” from Yulia, as well as some photos from the boarding school.

We thank you for your support to disabled children in Ukraine!

Here is the quotation from Yulia Babajtseva and her thankful words to us together with a photo reportage:

“Dear friends from Ukrainian diaspora in Geneva, we kindly thank you for your support and generosity. We helped a lot for New Year holidays to 109 children aged 7-32 who are currently in the Shevchenko’s Orphans-Internat House. These are children with mental and physical disabilities. Totally for the sum of 11.000 UAH (where half was for your organization), we had bought sweets, pampers, games, tea, sugar, some cloths. Thank you a lot in participation and for the possibility to help even though we stay so far away. We value a lot your kind attitude.”