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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland welcomes you all at our webpage. We act in support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Bern and Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UNN and other international organizations, and we warmly invite you to visit our events to get to know about us and our projects better.

Our goals:

  1. Help and support for Ukrainian expats in Switzerland
  2. Organization of cultural events
  3. Promotion of Ukrainian culture and language in Switzerland (literature evenings, language courses – contact 079 477 96 25 to get more information, library free of charge)
  4. Help and support for Permanent Mission of Ukraine in the UNN
  5. Consulting activity for foreign journalists about the news from Ukraine
  6. Charity projects aimed in helping orphanages and refugees in Ukraine

Kind regards,

Inna Akhtyrska

Head of Geneva Branch of

Ukrainian Society in Switzerland


Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland was created in September 2016 as a need to have an NGO which unites Ukrainian expats in Geneva canton. Every month more and more families immigrate because of job reasons, and we are encouraged to help Ukrainians integrate to the life in Switzerland. Our projects are described in details in the Projects category.

While its lineage dates back to the beginning of the century, the Ukrainian Society in Switzerland was formally established in 1945 by resident Ukrainians as well as refugees and students, many of whom were unable to leave Switzerland after the Second World War. Its purpose was to: provide a venue for contact between Ukrainians residing throughout Switzerland, organize social events, maintain and preserve Ukrainian culture in the Diaspora, inform about Ukrainian issues, and officially represent its members in the public sphere.