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Request for cultural sponsorship

The Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland is currently seeking sponsors interested to support projects aimed at promoting Ukrainian culture throughout Switzerland, particularly:

  • to get Swiss public familiarised with popular and classical music of Ukraine, including choirs and traditional dances;
  • to promote Ukrainian artists in Switzerland.

Renowned orchestras and ensembles from Ukraine are invited to participate, such as The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, G. Veryovka national honoured academic folk choir, “Kalyna“ Ukrainian folk group, etc.

Both companies or institutions and individuals from Switzerland or abroad are welcomed as sponsors willing to commit to spreading and fostering Ukrainian cultural activities in Switzerland. Sponsors will benefit from:

  • front-line publicity and visibility in all events organized by the Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland where they participate;
  • tax deduction;
  • two concert tickets free of charge.

Sponsorship funds will be used mainly for the organization of the events, including the rental of the concert halls. Proceeds from the tickets are intended for charity projects in Ukraine, such as help to orphanages and people in need after the war.

To apply for our Sponsorship Programme, please contact us at:

The Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland


+41 (0) 76 215 68 60


We look forward to your support!